Happy birthday to my hubby




Happy birthday to my hubby


Hey!!!I know, it was the day after your birthday.

But, you already knew why I couldn't update my diary

I make up for it OK?????

So, today ...this page is all for you... 


Happy birthday to my hubby

Dear Toddie,

He's the easiest good guy going,

As anybody knows.

My husband - turning THIRTY-(EIGHT),

The one and only 'Slurpie.'

It's true, my hubby Toddie,

At three-oh, tryin' to be cool

On this grand old occasion

He just wants to play pool.

Todd's an absolute original,

A pooler through and through.

If you believe THAT one, then listen,

I've got a bridge to sell to you.

Todd loves applesauce on all his stuff,

Like Twinkies, Pork chop,and the like.

If it's not the best and the freshest,

He'll say they're really YIKE.

He tends to be forgetful,

Like one time he's leaving to play his sport(pool),

But forgot where he left the key

Walked up and down-- that's Todd's sort.

Checked his jacket and threw away,

"Where the heck is car's key???

 It was IN HIS POCKET...Oh!!! Yeah

My 'Slurpie' sure can amaze.

He like an oldie Dodge Charger(1969),

Loves the way it looks to all.

Knows everything underneath the hood,

Not just cars, he's hard core with football

He's proud to be Viking 's fan,

Puts him in a special zone.

Want to see my Toddie swooning?

Tell him he looks like Tom Jone (hahahaha).

He tries to stay young looking,

Resents the graying on his crown.

His solution to this age-old problem?

"It's higt-light among the brown"

He's loving and he's loyal,

A great husband and great dad.

Also the greatest delegator,

The best friend you ever had.

His trademark is a smiley face,

Born under a scorpio sign.

All I know is this:

I'm thrilled that Toddie's mine.

Todd, thanks so much for all the laughs,

And the goodness from above.

For you, my wish is seventy years more,

To live in peace and love.


Your Pookie Bear (or Muffet)

 Happy birthday to my hubby


I know the music and theme it didn't match.

But, just becuase it's song from the band you like.






Happy birthday to my hubby 

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Happy birthday to my hubby
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My dad is thirty eight. So now what do i say, what do i do?
Now that's the question...
So happy b-day dad!
Damon Farah   
Fri 23 Nov 2007 1:04 [1]




Thank you for every pic

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