Belated Happy 14th Birthday to Damon




Belated Happy 14th Birthday to Damon


Last Wednesday, (6th December) was Damon birthday

As his required, we went to Huhot restaurant and I made Pumpkin Swirl Cheese Cake for him. This year Damon turned 14. This fact, make me felt so oldhahahaha

Even though, most people dont believe that I have 14 years old son

But, I never said anything thats family matter that I shouldnt talk about.

And no matter what he is my son and always will be that way.

Anyway, we went to Hohot with Sean and Jennifer (Seans Fiancé)

They gave Damon Charles Bone book 5

Its the book Damons been asking me for months.

After dinner we back homeSean and Jen didnt come with us

We gave Damon a present from his grandma and grandpa first

As usual, he got clothes from them

They were new 4 pairs of pajamas.

Todd and I gave him a new game Ultimate Ninja Naruto

Its the same show that on Toon Network and its Damons favorite shows ever.

Of cause, he asked to play it right away

We let him set up the game and we went into the kitchen

And lid up the candles on the cake I made

And sang the birthday song and brought cake in the living room

Dont expect Todd to sing. He just walked and held the cake that was all he did

After get done with the cake I let Damon stay up for awhile

before told him to get ready for bed




Last week, it was kinda boring week for me basically.

With work, with some people I meant some annoying people at work.

Technically, just one person that always has been annoying

Yessss Danny

Everydayhe has to create new annoying method to me

Imagine that. I have to put up with same annoying thing

and then he does something new to annoy me

I hate the most when he sticks his face closed to mine when he said something

I know one thing he has some kinda feeling for me.

But, for heaven sake he knew Im married and hes kinda same age with my father.

What the heck hes been thinking?

Yesterday, Justin saw me tried to reach container above my head.

So, he cam and helped me and also saidif I need something I should come to him for help.

Of cause, Danny heard that he said Oh!!! Now you have your own personal helper huh so probably you dont need my help no more.

I said nothingwasting my time actually.

Because his entire annoying thing I try to avoid to have conversation with him most the time.

And when he said and played around with someone

And its happened to be me in the same room

So, I looked and walked away later on, he said you dont like me to play or joke around with another that much do you?

I likehuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh????????

And said you will play or joke around with whoever that aint bother me Danny

I really dont care what on earth make you think... Im jealous?

He stick his face closed to mine and said Oh!!! PPPPPLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE your face tells all

I just wanted to punch him in the nose.

But, I did nothing and saidDanny guesses what?

I felt fucking nothing and itll be more than fucking pleasure for me

 if you just fucking mind your own fucking work

And try not to annoying me

YOU for me, its nothing than fucking annoying old man

Of cause, a whole afternoon hes been angry at me...

But, I really dont care.

Belated Happy 14th Birthday to DamonBelated Happy 14th Birthday to Damon


Today, mom and dad will get back from Arizona.

And they will spend time for Christmas here until January.

Patrice and Jamie will come for Christmas sometime around 22nd

Well have family picture taken on 23rd December.

We have some addition this year

Of cause, one is me cuz the old picture I wasnt in there yet

So, in the new one will have Jennifer, Dylan, and me in the picture.

One, wont be in there though. Its Tom

Like I said its family matter.





Belated Happy 14th Birthday to Damon 

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Belated Happy 14th Birthday to Damon
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