The Legend of Soulfighter's Chapter 3: The fight




The Legend of Soulfighter s Chapter 3 The fightThe Legend of Soulfighter s Chapter 3 The fightThe Legend of Soulfighter s Chapter 3 The fight






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The Legend of Soulfighter s Chapter 3 The fight The Legend of Soulfighter s Chapter 3 The fight






The Legend of Soulfighter's

By: Damon Farah

Chapter 3: The fight

Last time on The Legend of Soulfighter's, Katie and Alex are ready to go but are split up with Damon and Keegan. Well now to start the story.

" Well I'm ready to go Damon, just let me get Alex." said Katie

" Ok"

" Well Damon this is interesting, isn't it."

" What do you mean?"

" Well things have been going really fast, you know what I meant, right?"

" Yah I guess."

When Katie and Alex came out. They left and were off. " Wow, I can't wait to see Sparkle Spark, I haven't seen that place in years. Well I hope it has not changed alot? I wonder if my freinds are still there?"

As they were walking they heard giant thuds in the ground as if a earthquake was happening. Then a huge crack appeared right in front of them! It spread so much that Alex and Katie fell in and all that Damon and Keegan could too was just listen to them scream. " Its dark in hear Alex....."

" Where are you Katie?"

" I don't know, where are you?"

"Ok just start talking and I'll follow your voice ok."

"Ok Alex."

But before they could do that a pear of yellow eyes was staring at them and then all of a sudden Alex heard Katie scream but then the thing just stopped and whaled in pain. Then Alex just realized that Katie had fought back and used her whip and tore off the things arm.

Alex could just see things blood gushing out. But then Alex took out his num chucks and slashed them on the things eyes and as it yelled in pain again. Alex had time to look for Katie. But as the thing got up it's yellow eyes reflected of katies whip. So he grabbed her and they ran down a tunnel and were trying to find an exit. Then the thing jumped in front of them and said " you can not go anywhere so just give up and mabye I won't kill you."

" Never! I'll kill you first before you can do anything!"

Then Alex jumped in front of Katie and pushed her out of the way and slashed the thing in the head and he fell. As blood gushed out of head. Katie saw a light coming out of the wall so Alex slashed at it and it broke into a million pieces. Then as they walked out, there was Damon and Keegan! But there was a problem they were trapped in the cave too. But there was just light in there. " Katie where are we?" said Damon.

" I think were're in a under ground cave, and its under your village." said Keegan.

" That's really weird" said Alex.

" Yah I know " said Keegan.


Well sorry to leave you hanging like that again. But you have to tune in next time on The Legend of Soulfighter's, next time on The Legend of Soulfighter's Katie, Alex, Damon, and Keegan are still trapped in the under ground cave! But there are still some creatures out there so see what happens next! On

The Legend Of Soulfighter's


The Legend of Soulfighter s Chapter 3 The fight 

Update By AngelFarah

The Legend of Soulfighter s Chapter 3 The fight

Story By Damon



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